How To Create The Perfect Durable Retaining Wall

Whether you live on a sloped property or you need to keep an upright garden, you’ll need strong retaining walls to hold the soil in place. Retaining walls are often overlooked by homeowners as many modern homes are built inner city where there is not much space for gardening. However, many people prefer to have some sort of natural touch to their homes and even small gardens may require strong retaining walls to hold the soil in place. Retaining walls can be constructed using either brick or concrete, but the posts that hold them together must be strong enough to prevent it from collapsing. This is especially important when you have a large retaining wall as a strong post can prevent the wall from causing any injuries. While wooden posts are cheaper, galvanized steel retaining wall posts are often more durable and are perfect for holding heavy concrete blocks in place. 

Retaining walls often do not have deep foundations. Some retaining walls rely on the weight of the soil to stay in place. This causes all the weight to shift towards the wall posts. Wood is a strong material and durable as well. However, it is not sustainable and can rot easily. In fact, retaining walls are often used in gardens and the wooden posts will constantly be wet. After some time, they naturally start to rot. However, although normal good retaining walls can corrode, galvanized steel is protected from corrosion. The steel can be galvanized using stainless steel or other metal that does not corrode to provide a protective coating against water. In fact, you’ll never have to worry about your wall falling over if you have a galvanized steel post holding it together. The steel posts allow the wall to be built straighter and it can support landscape gardens as well.

If you are a homeowner, your primary concern is that the retaining wall does not affect the aesthetic look of your property. Many second grade walls are made from materials that wear away after a few months, which destroys the appeal of a beautiful garden. That’s why it is important to choose a company that has experience in constructing retaining walls from natural rock and concrete. While the rock does blend in with the garden, the wall posts are usually made from other materials and can stand out. However, galvanized steel often maintains its shine and can blend in with the house if it is painted correctly. It’s often said that the smallest of things make the biggest difference and this holds true for retaining walls. While many people focus on getting good rock for the actual wall, it’s actually a solid post that holds the wall together.