Types Of Dance Shoes

Dancing is an art. Each step matters while the performers are there on the stage. Besides the other requirements, which is really essential for an impressive dance performance is footwear. Ordinary shoes cannot help your feet move in a perfect manner. There are specialised dance shoes that also vary from dance to dance. The dance shoes in Brisbane are also different for a different type of dance. The shoes that suit one kind are actually not well suited for the other type. The most common types of dance shoes that any dancer would prefer for the dance show are as follows:

  1. Ballroom shoes are meant only for the ballroom dance performance. They are categorized by their low heel. In this way, the dancer is able to balance in the perfect way. It is the balance that is a must for the ballroom performance. What is really different about these shoes is the suede heels.
  2. Tap shoes get their name from the metal taps that are fixed at the bottom of the shoe. These taps are fixed in the toe and the heel region. This dance is known for the particular kind of sound that is created due to the tapping movements. The metal attachment at the bottom of their shoe actually creates this tapping sound. The further add on is called the soundboard. The tapping metal is actually fixed to the soundboard with the help of glue and screws. The best tones come from the best metals. The shape of the tap can also be concave or convex. Check this link https://www.primadancewarehouse.com.au/collections/womens-shoes-tap to find out more details.
  3. Dance sneakers are sneaker-like dancing shoes that are known for lightweight. They have a high-quality rubber attachment at the bottom. It is close to the toe region of the shoe. They facilitate the dancer while he is using the toes during the ballet dance.
  4. Foot thongs are meant to minimize friction. They are used by those dancers who prefer dancing barefoot.  These work like the cover foot that is similar in colour to the skin. Hence in this way, the barefoot dancing without injuries is ensured.
  5. Gillis is the shoes that are specifically used for the dance that comes from the Scottish highland. The same is used for the dance that is popular in Ireland. These are soft shoes that are crafted with soft leather. They are given a shape of the foot and are tied with the help of laces. The laces are long enough so that they can be tied around the foot, ankle and sole.
  6. Pointe shoes are particularly designed for the ballet dance that is distinguished for the pointe work. They are loved by the ballet dancers who want perfect performance in their pointe performance due to lightweight. They are very graceful. They consist of ribbon and the elastic bands.
  7. Flamenco shoes are the perfect footwear for flamenco dancing. They are a perfect choice especially for this kind of shoes as they allow the percussive footwork. There are nails added to the heel and toe region so that it becomes easy to make the perfect noise needed in this kind of dance.