How To Know If Your Board Is Magnetic Or Not

How to know if your board is magnetic or not

People these days get scammed through websites and online pages who sell the magnetic white board, these are the people who don’t gather enough information about what they are doing and how they are doing it. Apart from that, they don’t know what makes it the magnetic white board.

 What basically are magnetic glass board

These are one of the most found to be durable, and the product that turns out to be really beneficial. What really happens is that the earth magnets are really strong enough to affect the still under the sheet or the glass, which makes the glass seem magnetic. This is why its known as the magnetic glass board

 Where can I find these?

You can easily get your hands on the magnetic glass board. You can get them online, easily. You can search them up, there are tons or ways to get it delivered to you place. Obviously they will charge for money, but carrying a magnetic glass board is also not a cup of tea. The company workers will be needed to get the work done.

 How can I create my own magnetic glass board

There are ways to create your own magnetic glass board, you can get a board and cut it into half, purchase a steel and then place it in between. Make sure it nearer to the front so that its able to catch the magnets. This works. But its suggested to use the original one and not a do it yourself, since its not that efficient.

 Are glass boards durable?

Yes, the glass boards are extremely durable. And the straps that hold them, are even more stronger and durable which is why its possible for the board to stand up. The glass white board, are found to be much more superior than other boards, they are so much better than others. They are hung easily and look incredibly attractive.It would cost you around 30,000 dollars. Since its made from tampered glass.

 Does the ink come off immediately

Yes, the glass is one of the ideal materials to make a board. The ink stays wet on the glass and when you try to wipe it off, which say a cloth or a duster, it comes off immediately from the glass white board. Just make sure you hold enough information about getting a white glass board, so that you know what their cons and pros are. You are spending so much money on something, make sure you have had your discussion with someone who has been doing this or had an experience doing it. Then again, make sure that you maintain the board, clean it at-least twice a month. Keep it out of children reach, and do not apply anything flammable on it.