Install Skylights In Your Homes

Skylights as their name suggest are structures that are installed in roofs of buildings to allow natural light to enter. Historically their use has been dated back to the Roman Empire, but their use became advent with the Industrial Revolution during the eighteenth century as glass was being manufactured in large quantities. Many popular structures such as Palace of Versailles in France has perhaps one of the most interesting skylight structures built. Over time and with experimentation with architecture, the use and velux skylight installation have become diverse. In the recent years, an increase in their use has been observed with increasing focus on energy conservation and efficiently managing natural resources.

Why is a skylight installed?

Before you make your mind about having a skylight installed or not, you must know some of the basic reasons as to why it is used. A skylight allows the sunlight to enter the building, you might be wondering that is windows are there, then why a skylight. This is because windows are installed in the walls and a skylight is installed in the roof, allowing the light to directly enter during the day. So if you have a skylight installed, this means that there will be no need for turning on the lights during the day, eventually resulting in a much lower electricity bill. Along with saving up on your hard earned money, this also is a great way to conserve energy in a world that is already battling with so many environmental issues.

In the recent years focus has shifted on sustainable development, the idea is that you live life in such a manner that the natural recourses are consumed by you, but they are still there for the future generations to use. In this regard, buildings and homes when being constructed are built keeping in view the natural elements around, such as the direction of the wind, or the angle of sunlight etc. so that you are less dependent on consumption of energy through use of air conditioners and heaters. Skylights are also a must have for all those who love gazing at the stars at night. The galaxy and the numerous stars in it have been of fascination to many and what better than opening up the skylight at night, viewing the stars in the sky along with the cool breeze. Hence a skylight blinds allows you to enjoy the weather a little more than you would otherwise. A skylight along with being a great way to ventilate your living space is also used to make it look bigger. The interior of a house or a building looks way open and bigger with ample sunlight and soft hues.

Material they are made of

Most skylights have glass panes within them as it is a great way to prevent heat loss during the winters especially. However, many skylight manufacturers these days use plastic infill. The plastic they use is stabilized against ultraviolent rays and makes it safe to use. Some of the plastics used in glazing are: copolyester, acrylic and polycarbonate among others.